Green Walnut Inc.

Wooden Ball Runner / Ball Tracker

Green Walnut's Large Wooden Ball Tracker Toy for Babies & Toddlers from 12 months and older

Objectives - This Ball Race Tracker is a perfect gift for toddlers. It helps your little one:

+ Bring a lot of fun to your little one as they watch each ball roll down the ramp.
+ Practices hand-eye coordination.
+ Encourage movement and builds visual tracking skills critical for preschool reading.
+ Tracking is an important skill for babies and toddlers to develop. Everything from language development, to reading skills, depends on eye strength.


✓ Wooden Tracker
✓ Balls Dimension: Four 1.8 inches colour balls in red, yellow, green, and blue
✓ Made with High-Quality Beech Wood for both the track and the balls

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