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Wildwood Eyewear - Kids Coffee Grounds BiosSunnies (4-9 Years) - Red Mirror


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Things you can do with coffee grinds...

    • Fertilize your garden
    • Remove fleas from your pets
    • Use as a natural cleaning scrub
    • and now - make sunglasses!!

Polarized lenses for maximum protection

  • Our UV400 rated Polarized lenses provide full UVA and UVB protection and block out harmful glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow. So many kids sunglasses on the market do not have polarized lenses. Young eyes are more sensitive to UV rays and many studies have shown that often damage done to a person's eyes happens at a young age.

Incredibly light and comfortable

  • Weighing only 19 grams, Kids BioSunnies are one of the very lightest and most comfortable pairs of kids sunglasses on the market

Practically unbreakable ''kids proof'' frames

  • The coffee grinds frame is super flexible and can take all sorts wear and tear!

Style points galore

  • Your kids can be eco-friendly and still look awesome! The two are not mutually exclusive!

    Say no to wasteful plastic sunglasses and help reinforce the eco-friendly message with your child

    • Instead of buying your son or daughter another pair of wasteful plastic sunglasses, get them a pair of eco-friendly BioSunnies. Your child will love them and they will become a talking point. Prepare for lots of ''cool shades'' comments too!

    Protective pouch included

    • Kids BioSunnies come with a protective pouch made of flax seed


    • Frame width: 121mm
    • Lens width: 45mm
    • Lens height: 34mm
    • Bridge width: 13mm
    • Arm length: 121mm

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