Pebble - Rattle - Cupcake/Blue


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Oh Hello, Little Cupcake!!

Can you even imagine how cute this will look in your baby's hand?

We just love these sweet, soft, crochet and knit rattles from Pebble! Pebble is a social good company so naturally, we are proud to support them! Seriously, Hh cute are these?!

Pebble products are handmade in Bangladesh by talented artisans at the Hathay Bunano Fair Trade Organization.  Its mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible & local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. "Helping people to help themselves"

Today Pebble can proudly look at their 207 rural production centers in which over 12,000 women and people with disabilities hand knit and crochet children's toys. In addition to the training of the craftsmanship, the women's children are being well taken care of when bringing them to work. Above-average wages and flexible working hours open up a new way out of poverty and contribute to a sustainable change to their living conditions.

Socially responsible, handmade and fanciful: each Pebble product is truly "one of a kind".

All products are suitable for babies from birth upwards and have been safety tested to meet all strict product safety requirements and regulations.

Made with 100% cotton outer / 100% polyester fill. Machine washable & tumble dry on low.

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