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Our WIO hybrid diapers are lovingly made by two moms in the USA using only the highest quality OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Merino Wool, Certified Organic Cotton, and Eco-friendly Natural Bamboo. These diapers are designed to be used as a super absorbent fitted diaper or a daytime al-in-one. They are moisture resistant and feature and envelope pocket allowing access to the wool layer for optional lanolizing if you choose to use the without an additional cover. If you want a truly natural, breathable and organic all-in-one diaper with ZERO synthetics - you just found one!


How to use your hybrid WIO diaper:

1. Pre-wash warm and tumble dry low at least three times prior to first use. Your diaper will continue to shrink through the first six or so washes and was designed too do this. When it is fully shrunk it will be the size of a medium fitted diaper (approx. 12-28lbs).


2. Lanolizing the wool layer is optional. If you wish to make the diaper extra moisture resistant you can rub or spray lanolin onto it.


3. If desired you can add an extra wool cover or wool longies for overnight or times when you want to use the diaper like an absorbent fitted diaper. Your baby can also wear this diaper without an additional cover as a breathable daytime all-in-one.


4. Toss and wash - these diapers are completely machine washable! 

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