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One Love Diaper Co. - One-Size Wool Diaper Cover - Chevron


Our covers are lovingly made by two moms in the USA using only the highest quality OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Merino Wool and Certified Organic Cotton. Like all wool covers our covers require periodic lanolizing in order to be waterproof. New to wool? No worries! Lanolizing and washing your wool is simple!

How to use your diaper cover:

1. Lanolize prior to first use. We recommend using solid lanolin.

2. Place an absorbent cloth diaper inside the diaper cover or secure one on your baby. There are many absorbent diapers that work great inside our covers - prefolds, flats, contours, and fitted diapers are all options. We make these diaper styles in beautiful organic fabrics! 

3. Now get your diaper cover ready! Fold rise down and use inner row of snaps to secure the diaper cover on smaller babies.

4. Fold rise up and use outer row of snaps for larger babies and toddlers.

5. Change your babies Ieper promptly when wet or soiled.

6. As long as thee wool isn’t soiled you can reuse your diaper cover through several changes.

7. Your covers will need to be hand washed with a wool-safe soap approximately once a week an lanolized once a month. 

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