Little Yogi

Harem - Little Morroco


Step into the warm and colourful world of the desert with Little Yogi's Little Morocco harem. The illustration, created by a Quebec based artist in collaboration with Little Yogi, showcases camels roaming the rich, warm hues of the Sahara. The design brings to life the adventure and beauty of the world's largest desert. Imagine yourself exploring the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, where the wind forms 500ft high dunes into stunning formations.

Feel the comfort of soft material on your winter nights in the desert, where temperatures can drop below 0°C, and on summer days they can reach up to 40°C. Embrace the culture and traditions of the nomadic Berber people, who have lived in the Moroccan desert for centuries and continue to maintain their way of life with camels as their faithful companions. It's not just a harem, it's an adventure through the Sahara Desert.

  • Grow with me!

  • Soft, comfortable and durable

  • Made of Eco-responsible materials

  •  Designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada


64% organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 8% spandex.

Hand wash in cold water. Dry flat.

PLEASE NOTE that Little Yogi will not accept any returns related to the shrinkage factor. The bosses have all been adjusted accordingly.

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