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Unwrapped Life - CARESS Organic Bamboo Cloths Pk of 2


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These washcloths are made of a super soft, absorbent bamboo light-weight fleece and are approximately 8"x 8". Use them as washcloths or the most luxurious cloth wipes! The bamboo fleece is natural in colour, super soft, and absorbent. It is made of 70% viscose bamboo, and 30% organic cotton fiber. The cloths are sustainably made from natural fibers from the world's fastest growing plant; they're reusable (even becoming softer with each wash), plus they're biodegradable: in years to come, throw them in the compost if disposal is necessary.
Naturally microbial
Hand-sewn with organic cotton thread
Made of 100% natural + organic bamboo fibers
Super absorbent and spectacularly soft
Hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin
Generous 8”x 8” size is ideal for bath or mealtime!
Bamboo requires less energy, water, and space to grow than cotton!

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