True Little North

BUNDLE - Transformable Pikler Triangle & Reversible Ramp


This is a Transformable Pikler Triangle inspired by the famous Pikler Triangle. It is made of four individual ladders that interconnect into different shapes with a very unique mechanism. It's a very versatile product that will guarantee a lot of fun and kids won't get tired of it with all the interchangeable shapes that you can create, and it will grow with your child. Swipe through to see some popular shapes.

Ideal to keep the kids busy and reduce screen time. This is a universal climber that develops a kid's motor skills, physical strength, dexterity, spatial imagination, giving freedom in the game, self-confidence, and the joy of achievement. 

It comes assembled and ready to use! When the kids finish playing it collapses easily to store it, just by removing the locking mechanism and dismantling it into four smaller ladders.

It can hold 120 lbs and it has been carefully sanded along with smooth edges, and finished with a protective coat.

The Best Christmas Birthday Gift

The Ramp is a smart reversible accessory to maximize course options. On one side can be used as a slide and the other side is suitable for rock climbing. It can hold up to 140 lbs and it has been carefully sanded along with smooth edges and finished with a protective coat. It is designed to fit on 1 1/18" diameter rungs.

The "Ramp" can be quickly assembled in a few minutes. It comes along with self-assembly instructions and all the hardware and tools required. 

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