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All of our new inventory is eligible for our BUY BACK program! Become a Growing Co. member here!


I have found something in one of your new lines on sale, why should I buy it from you?

We will match the price on any of our new inventory and for an added incentive, we offer a buy back program for our all our new clothing!

What is the difference if I choose consignment over a same day CASH payout?

If you choose a CASH payout the price/ item will vary based on condition and brand. We will be able to access this for you on the spot and make an offer.

If you choose the consignment option you'll have to wait awhile but you may end up with a little more. We offer the industry standard of 40% cash or 50% store credit to our consignors. Luxury items receive a special rate split for the consignor. Ask for details!

What happens to my consigned items if they don't sell?

At the end of the 16 week period, you can contact us and we can make arrangements for your items. At this point, we will offer you a payout or we can extend the consignment period longer than if the option is suitable (the item is in the current season). Otherwise, we can send the items on to the children's cottage or a local charity that you prefer. We can also arrange a pick up with you.

What seasons will you take?

We take all seasons. If we are on an off season with a particular item the consignment period will be extended so that item will be featured in the appropriate season.

Do you have a brick & mortar location? Or, are you only online?

We are currently online. If you'd like to check out our items in a physical location; we participate in work shops, pop-ups, events, markets and festivals in YYC and the surrounding area.

We also offer curated shopping parties with our mobile boutique (we will bring our store to you!) Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our Facebook, Instagram and other social channels for information about all upcoming events!

How do I get my consignment to you?

We offer a complimentary pick up service but if you'd like to drop off this can be arranged. We also accept shipped consignment.

How do I get paid?

You can receive your payout as cash or e-transfer. With consignment you also have the option for store credit and the credit can be applied to any item in the store, including new items. Your store credit will never expire.

My little one grew overnight! How do I return this?

We offer a full refund policy with in 30 days but even if you’ve had something a little longer there are options to reduce your risk!

We have a buy back program. We will buy back (new items)for up to 25% store credit or re-consign the items you’ve purchased from us as long as the item is not severely damaged or stained.

How else can I save?

We have a membership rewards program! In order to access the buy back program and guarantee your 25% store credit. You can become a Growing Co. member!

along with membership you get early access to sales, special offers and promotions and earn discounts and free stuff!!

Do you accept shipped consignment?

Yes! We accept shipped consignment. We will just have you fill out a quick questionnaire and have you send a picture. Then we will charge your account for the shipping costs after your items have sold!

Will you accept my gear (strollers/ highchair.. etc.)?

Absolutely! Here is a more detailed list of what we will accept.

My question wasn't answered..

Please feel free to reach out 587-894-3661 or and we will be more than happy to help!