Growing Co.
Baby and Children’s High-end Consignment + Eco Boutique 
Calgary, AB
(587) 894-3661
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Welcome to Growing Co. A place to consign your high end baby and children’s items. We reserve the right to determine a fair price of all items consigned. This pricing is determined based on condition ranking and original price of the item. Please take a moment to review our consignment agreement.
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-Clothing must be clean on hangers or neatly folded
-The pricing will be determined by Growing Co. based upon condition and original price of the item(s). Once the item has sold the consignor will receive 40% of the selling price. The consignor also has the option to receive 50% of the selling price as store credit. 
-This payment will be issued by cheque or EMT In order to receive a cheque you will have to call to make an appointment to collect it or it can be mailed to you.
-After items have been displayed for 12 weeks they will be discounted and kept for a 16 week period.
-The consignor is responsible to make contact and collect their items within the 16 week period if they do not want the items to be donated.
-After 16 weeks the items will become the property of Growing Co. so that they can be donated to charity. A note can be made in your account for high value items.
-We will treat your items with the utmost respect and care. However, we are not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur due to handling or theft.
-Please provide an inventory list