Growing Co. is a kid's Eco boutique founded in Calgary AB in 2018. We carry a growing selection of Canadian/ locally made, Organic or sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing, care products and home items.

If you happen to prefer pre-loved items, we also offer all of the clothing we carry a "second time around" through our buy back program!

Children's Products with a Conscience

Growing Co. is owned and operated by the wife and husband team Jamie & Ryan Sadler. We are the proud parents of two young children and it was our children who inspired this business. When our children were born, it didn't take long to realize the massive impact that even, the tiniest of humans could make on their environment and the economy. Any parent can agree, it's astonishing.

 We struggled with finding effective products that wouldn't unexpectedly cause rashes and skin irritation due to unnecessary chemical additives, fragrances and pesticides.

 We began searching for solutions to the various issues that emerge with parenthood. Solutions for our children's health and their future. Growing Co. is the result of that search.

Growing Co. wants to do it's part to help in diminishing the carbon footprint(s) of our tiny humans while supporting our local economy and businesses making socially responsible and Eco-friendly choices. Ensuring a healthier and happier future for our children. The future belongs to them, after all.

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