Lowen's - “Butter Balm" All Purpose Skin Balm/ Super Salve


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This balm is seriously a skin SAVER!!! Lowen's is so effective. Once you've tried it you will never need to try another product again! This product is great for traumatized skin - rashes, dry and cracked skin.


From Lowen's:

Lowen's "Butter Balm" Skin Therapy Ointment. All-purpose skin balm. This formula is great for any place where your skin needs a little something extra! Cuticles, knuckles, chaffing, rashes and tattoos. This balm can be used to help heal diaper rashes! AWESOME for the harsh, dry winter months :)

The 10g version of this product is called Super Salve but it is essentially the same formula.. just smaller.

Totally safe for small to tall!! We are so proud to carry YYC's Lowen's!! Not only are the products formulated with locally sourced, organic ingredients but you cannot deny the EFFECTIVENESS of these products! Totally AMAZING. As if that's not enough?! These products are EWG verified, cruelty free, and Canadian made!

Natural, non-toxic, fragrance free -The slight nutty scent is due to the ingredients and dissipates quickly, Minimal Preservation - but they still have a great shelf life, paraben free, hypoallergenic and comedogenic. You really can't go wrong! We're LOVING it around here ;)

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