Zero Waste Bathroom - Tips, Tricks + Brands we LOVE!

We don't know what we don't know... until we do! On the flip side, we can't unlearn what we've learned. In recent years we have learned a whole lot about the devastating impact that our convenience culture and our plastic consumption has had on our world and its many inhabitants. This isn't just impacting future generations anymore either, it is affecting us here and now, and many people are raising awareness and taking action against this issue.

It all starts with the consumer. If we support low waste and zero waste initiatives and businesses these industries grow. Reducing our waste around the home (just like reducing waste on the planet) is not going to happen overnight but we have to start somewhere.Let's start with the bathroom!

All of this being said, I'm excited to share some tips, tricks and some incredible low waste and zero waste brands (I use and love!) to encourage you along your zero-waste lifestyle journey. Enjoy!


Unwrapped Life:


Unwrapped life is really nothing short of amazing! My customers love it, I love it and my family loves it! It is effective, it lasts and it makes you feel fancy and best of all it's waste free! There are many shampoo bars out there but these ones are next level. You only need to try them to know! We carry Unwrapped life in the shop so if you'd like to try it click here!


Check out their site!

Bamboo cloths and bamboo towels:



Not only is Bamboo sustainable but its also incredible absorbent and ultra soft! You can also get super cute bamboo mommy and me matching bathrobes and hooded towels that will "spark joy" every time you bathe/ bathe your baby!!


Safety Razor:


I'll admit it. This swap was a bit of a learning curve for me just because I was so used to my drugstore razor but I started to feel so guilty every time that I shaved, I took the plunge and I'm so happy I did! My husband taught me how to use it. You don't press down on the skin.. You use the weight of the razor to do the trick. Now that I'm used to it, I'm loving my plastic free shave!! You can purchase a safety razor at this amazing shave shop!

Products that come with a container return program:


There are Eco-savvy companies that will offer a container return program. You can buy your item and when the contents are used, return the container to the retailer for a deposit refund! We carry a couple of companies that offer this program at Growing Co. but in the realm of the bathroom Lowen's absolutely deserves a mention!

Lowen's is a EWG verified Cruelty free organic skin care company founded by a pharmacist! Because of the founder Chad Zelensky's chemistry background, these products are highly effective! We sell out all the time. Once you've used these products you will see why! Check it out  in our shop here


Routine Deodorant:


Routine cream is amazing. It's highly effective, natural, they offer vegan options and many refilleries offer their products in bulk so you can refill your containers! I have been using "Like a Boss" for over a year now and I love it! I have also tried "Cat Lady" and "The Curator" and I loved them both!! They also offer face oils. I haven't tried them yet but when I do I will update the blog...


Tushy Bidet + Bamboo Cloths

 This is a LIFE CHANGER! Easy to install and no more toilet paper!!!


Bamboo makeup rounds and Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

Swap out your disposable makeup rounds and swabs for these reusable and biodegradable alternatives!


Bamboo Toothbrushes + Biodegradable Floss

If you're on the hunt for Eco-friendly oral hygiene products Ole Bamboo has you covered! Click here for all ole bamboo products carried at Growing Co.

or check out their site!

Hand + Body Soap:

Bar soap is probably the simplest solution but If you can't find a bar soap that you love. Personally, I love Unwrapped Life bar soaps + shave bars available here. You can also get stainless or glass reusable containers and purchase your liquid hand soap/ body wash or shampoo and conditioner from a local refillery.

Menstruation Products:


If you're looking to level up to a zero waste menstruation cycle kit, here are a few of my favourites all in one place!

LunaPads (FYI LunaPads is also a certified B Corp!!) They also carry Divacups and period underwear.


Thanks so much for reading and happy zero waste days ahead!!



Jamie Sadler


Growing Co.

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