Sustainability Throughout the Holidays - Part Three - Make it Count Written by James Boettcher


Over time I have become fascinated with the idea that the success of a business is determined by the permission of the community. It means that the members of the community vote with their $$ on whether or not the places, people, and products we introduce into the market will be around tomorrow.


When I took over Fiasco, I knew that how we
crafted the product, participated in the community, represented ourselves, and ultimately how we showed up would all be a part of our success. But what I overlooked was that even if we did all of this, it still was absolutely essential that people ‘voted’ for us.


As we approach 10 years under my leadership, I thought about what this truly meant to us ­ togetherness. We have always embraced our inherent responsibility to be committed to our community as a company that has become such a proud part of the fabric of this city. Unfortunately along the journey, we as Albertans have experienced tough times, and the reality is the people who work in any of these businesses that help shape our city feel most of the impact when the votes are scarce.


As a team, we make a point of spending our money as locally as possible each year. The restaurants, the cafes, the shopkeepers and the artisans who have helped make our city so special, deserve your support. It’s also why we choose amazing Calgary companies like Westjet for our business travel, Charbar for our lunch meetings, coffee from our friends at Rosso, and brands like Local Laundry and ComfortYYC for our swag.


And the reality is, many people say how much they love the things that make our city great, but don’t spend their $$ here. Then they’re sad when those businesses close down or choose to move out of Calgary, and onto another community.


Made in YYC companies like ours need your support now more than ever. Every day we strive for growth so we can continue to employ more amazing people, continue to be immersed in our community, and continue to build something that matters.


So as we are mid­ stride in the holiday season, my ask is for you to make every purchase count. Every pint of beer you enjoy while celebrating can be from one of our friends who craft it right here. Every coffee cup you hold can have the name of the artisans who roast their beans in Calgary. Every gift card you buy can be for a bookshop, spin studio, spa, retailer, or restaurant that has worked so hard to build their brand here. Every venue or restaurant you book your party at should be through someone who has forged their name from the ground up, here in YYC.


These are the people who have taken a chance on building a business in our city, and truly make this city what it is. Our team at Fiasco is challenging you to put your money where it matters ­ Into our economy. Join us in using the hashtag #LOVETHISCITYYYC and share your purchasing decisions. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Every buying decision matters, and our ability to thrive as a city will be the result of our commitment as a community, to the community.


As always, Calgary will prevail, because this is the greatest city in the world. Thank you.

James Boettcher



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