Sustainability Throughout the Holidays - A Nine Part Series!

Sustainability Throughout the Holidays!

Here come the holidays! Are you ready? As we all know, the holidays come with many challenges and If you have committed to a sustainability initiative, the challenges may come with challenges! Your commitment to sustainability and supporting socially and environmentally responsible business (even through crazy times like the holiday season) shouldn't be an additional source of stress. This is why we thought it would be AWESOME and FUN to create a series of useful and inspiring blog entries over the holiday season; loaded with tips, tricks, insights and information to help keep you on track with your initiative and guide you through the holidays!

Over the next 8 weeks we will be posting a weekly entry on a various subjects, under the umbrella of "Sustainability Throughout the Holidays". Each entry will be authored by special guest writer. These guests are local business owners and experts on sustainability, zero waste, plastic free living and ethical consumerism. The topics they will be covering include but are not limited to:

Low or no waste; holiday entertaining, wrapping, decorating and adopting a zero waste mind set when it comes to gift giving/ holiday purchasing.

A socially & environmentally responsible business directory and zero waste, plastic free, sustainable gift and stocking stuffer guide! Including tips for packaging when shipping.

Supporting the businesses you love

How to be gracious and still stick to your guns with your sustainability initiative when it comes to gift giving and receiving.

Gifting experience: suggestions, tips, ideas and alternatives to gifting stuff.

and more!!

I'm so excited to about this series and hope that it enhances your holiday experience! Stay tuned and enjoy! The first special guest entry is scheduled for November 8th.


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