Mother Earth Activity and Craft for Kids

Mother Earth needs our help! With this fun and educational DIY, it will be a joy to teach children about our impact on the planet and why it’s so important to live sustainably. The craft is simple, requires not many items, and has a big impact!

Mother Earth has not been feeling well lately, and has sent us a message to let us know:

This letter introduces children to Mother Earth, and asks them for help. After reading the letter, you and your little ones can begin the Mother Earth craft to think about what role we play in keeping Mother Earth healthy. This craft is great for children of all ages, and is a perfect way for them to get involved in the conversation around sustainability.

For this DIY you will need the following:

● Paper to create the two earths and their accessories  ● A pair of scissors
● Any kind of glue
● A bandage
● Colored markers, crayons or paints
● Some string

Step 1: Draw two large circles on your paper. Next, add faces inside them (one happy and one sad). If you want, you can also print and cut out the two pdfs of the happy and sad Mother Earth here. Then, draw or print out (using the pdfs) a thermometer and heart.

Two hand drawn pictures of Earth one happy and one sick


Step 2: This step is all about colour! You can use brighter blues and greens for happy Mother Earth, and darker colours for sad Mother Earth. You can also get creative and make it your own!

Step 3: Now for the arms and legs. For this step you can cut four strips out of the paper, around 15-20 centimeters in length. After you have the strips, fold them in an accordion style so that the arms and legs have some extra bounce! For colour, You can use blue or green, or get creative and choose whatever colours you want!

Step 4: Finally, you can add the arms and legs to the happy and sad Mother Earth. You can also go ahead and add the heart to the happy earth, and the thermometer to the sad earth. Add strings to the backs so your kids can hang up their Mother Earths and admire them. For an extra element, stick a bandage on the sad earth to represent that Mother Earth has become sick, and needs to heal with our help.

During and after this process, your kids may get thinking about the state of the planet, and may ask questions about why Mother Earth is feeling sick. This Mother Earth activity and craft is the perfect chance for a learning moment with your little ones to teach them how we as residents of this planet can help the planet. Reading a letter from Mother Earth will also help them to understand that the earth lives and breathes, and that it’s important to make sure our everyday actions have intention behind them for the betterment of the planet.
We hope you and your little ones will enjoy our Mother Earth activity and craft!

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