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I've decided to make a commitment to put my absolute best efforts into having a zero waste home by this time next year. I know that this won't happen overnight. When it comes to lifestyle changes, there is always a learning curve. I may stumble and it may not end up being perfect but I want to try. I want to show my children that you can have a rich and meaningful life without harming the earth or its inhabitants. Let's be real, if we don't take care of our environment and it's inhabitants (that support our existence and ability to thrive), it's really us...ahem.. our children.. who will be affected. The earth could potentially recover.. over a very long period of time, but if we want humans to be there, we should probably start making an effort.

This in mind, I thought I'd take a minute to mention some zero waste home resources in YYC. There are many AMAZING companies doing REALLY GREAT THINGS. Show your support by purchasing your products from them! You can feel empowered knowing that every dollar you spend at a local business that is trying to improve the state of things makes a REAL difference for your community and the world around you!


The Apothecary in Inglewood- The Apothecary in Inglewood is KILLING IT when it comes to zero waste home goods.. and everything else too! Not only can you find everything you need to make your own bath and body care products but you can find many things you need to help you along with your zero waste/ plastic free journey.They also have a Zero Waste Home event coming up on Oct 27th with Bea Johnson!

They carry metal, glass and bamboo straws (boo plastic straws), metal drinking lids for mason jars, travel (metal) utensil sets, reusable Colibri snack bags, plastic free chewing gum (yes, most gum contains plastic, ewww), bamboo tooth brushes for the whole family, silk dental floss, reusable: beeswax food wrap, produce bags, bulk bags, shopping bags, pads, make up removing pads and the list goes on!! They also offer many classes! If you are interested in a zero waste lifestyle you should really check them out!


Green Calgary- Green Calgary's Eco Store also has many products available to aide you in your zero waste or green home journey. I could spend HOURS on this website. It's AWESOME. They offer work-shops, events (a zero waste living event coming up on November 17th), information, resources for your home and workplace, kids programs and membership/volunteering opportunities and much more!

In their online Eco store they have rain barrels and stands, Calgary made organic baby and adult body care products, beeswax wraps, biobags (compostable garbage bags, kitchen bags, sandwich bags), Re-usable produce bags and shopping bags, compostable single use dinner wear (palm leaf plates, sugar cane cutlery) and just about everything you need for composting! Check them out!


Photo Credit: Jessica Money; www.kindredcamera.com

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