Local Love YYC- Organic Kid's Fashion Edition

Local Love YYC- Organic Kids Fashion!!!

You don't have to go far from home to find beautiful, modern, organic kids fashion!! Check out these local makers and feel good about supporting sustainable fashion, local business and strengthening our local economy!!! Oh, did I mention... These clothes are also incredibly adorable!
Sem Label
Beautiful, organic, modern basics. Sem Label has just launched the 2018 fall line. It's called "Wonderous Change" All I can say is... it is COMPLETELY STUNNING!! We love SEM Label!
Alberta Apparel
Whats not to love about representing something we are all proud of (our beautiful province!!) and supporting local/Canadian business in the process? YYC's Alberta Apparel has a great selection of tees, hoodies and hats. Some of which are made with organic cotton and bamboo (hello sustainable). Great clothes for little ones and parents too!
Ole Designs
Super cute designs. Organic/sustainable fabrics! We can't get enough! The grid pattern harems are off the hook!!
Wylo + Co
Awesome, versatile, modern organic basics and prints for babies and children. Wylo + Co's fabrics are SO SOFT!!! PS: Their fall line is SO CUTE.
Petit Chou Fleur
Organic Sleepers for babies. Super cute fabric choices. You can go wrong if you're looking for night wear for your baby!! Loving them!
Photo Credit: Jessica money: www.kindredcamera.com Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/kindred_photography_yyc

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