Incredible (YYC based) Zero Waste, Natural, Organic Skin Care Brands We LOVE!!

If you know me, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with organic and natural skin care products. I also love supporting local and I love supporting thoughtful, functional, effective, and low waste brands and products.

When it comes to our babies we become especially aware of the ingredients in their products... So, I thought it may be helpful if I compiled a list of my all time favourite (local YYC) organic skincare brands, natural skincare brands and zero waste skincare brands for you! Some of these brands have baby products and some are for you but all of them are completely AWESOME. Enjoy!



Lowen's Bubble Paste

I can never sing Lowen's praises enough! Lowen's Bum Balm Blues is one of our all time best sellers. It's all EWG verified, vegan and organic. Lowen's is formulated by a local pharmacist (making it highly effective) and to top it all off the packaging is reclaimed and you can return it for a deposit so it can be properly sanitized and used again!  We just love Lowen's in our house (our kids flip out for the bubble paste) If you'd like to try it we have it in our shop here or you can visit them here:

Unwrapped Life

Another one of our bestselling brands is Unwrapped Life - We use Unwrapped Life at home and anyone who has used this brand knows... these are THE BEST shampoo, conditioner and soaps bars you can get. Seriously, nothing compares. They're awesome for travel and home use. I would strongly recommend this product. They also have baby safe bars and a kids line! It always sells out because it is awesome. If you's like to give this brand a spin you can buy them here or:



Routine Cream Deadorant

I absolutely LOVE routine deodorant. I have tried so many natural deodorants and I have never been as content as I am with Routine! It's the best. I use "Like a Boss" We don't carry it in the store as of yet but if you'd like to try it here's their site:



Lavami Charcoal Soap

I like really love the Lavami charcoal soap! My husband loves it too and it has ended up in his stocking on more than one occasion! I'm looking forward to exploring this brand more and i will update this blog with my findings!

Well, there you have it! I hope this list was helpful for you. Happy Shopping - Enjoy supporting small shops, brands and business with amazing zero waste, natural and organic ingredient incentives!



Jamie Sadler

(Founder of Growing Co. - Eco Boutique)




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