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Eco-friendly and Organic Baby Care products to care for and clothe your baby and children are what we're all about! There are some super cool companies providing all-natural, sustainable, and Organic Baby Care products in YYC right now. It is companies like these that make me proud to be a Calgarian. They’re doing some really great things for our children, our city, our province, our country and our planet!! I just want to take a quick minute to give out some local love to these YYC gems!!

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    Soiled Diapers

    These two Calgary dads are composting diapers and providing biodegradable Eco-friendly (NATY by Nature) disposable diapers as a part of their service!! How awesome is that? Finding it more at:


    Claudia’s Choice’s


    100% Mineral and Plant based. Fragrance free laundry detergent. This detergent is Eco-friendly and easy on sensitive skin. Great for those awesome cloth diapering mamas out here!! We have been using Claudia's at home for years, and we could not be happier with the product! The stain bar is AMAZING and the detergent is second to none. These products are so EFFECTIVE!


    All Things Jill


    This company has an incredible ethos and they have a great Organic Baby Care product line!! Environmentally responsible, ethical and organic! Pssst!! They have stuff for the whole family ;)



    Searching for a safer/healthier alternative for their daughter Lowen's diaper rash, this local pharmacist turned entrepreneur created their own! This family owned company, has grown it's product line to accommodate everyone in the family. Organic, Locally sourced and/or fair trade ingredients and it's EWG verified. They have Organic Baby Care products and much more!


    Black Sheep Mattress Company


    Handcrafted, natural, sustainable mattresses for the whole family! Check them out if you're looking for chemical free, natural crib mattresses, organic cotton crib sheet sets, organic crib blankets and organic crib protectors!!


    Nature's Baby Basket

    An Eco-friendly baby care store at Dr. for Moms. The product selection includes Eco-friendly, all natural/organic baby care products for nursing, teething, playing, cloth diapering, clothing, baby wearing, home and body and vitamins and tinctures.



    By supporting Local/Canadian, Environmentally and socially responsible business you are helping to ensure a healthier, more economically stable future for our children! We made these children, reducing their carbon footprints is just another way we can shoe them how much we love them ;) Let's do our part in raising a respectful and conscious generation. Create demand for healthier, safer products by being particular about where you spend your hard earned money. Your children and your children's children will appreciate it.

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    Thanks for the mention in your article – Looks like Lowen’s is in some pretty good company ;)

    Lowens September 06, 2018

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