11 Eco-friendly Toy Brands We Absolutely Love!

    These days we are spending (A LOT) of time at home with our kids. Of course it's great to get outside if you can, but if it's an indoor day, it's handy to be stocked up with some fun activities, games and toys.

    When it comes to toys, we know that it can be incredibly challenging to stick to your sustainability goals. So, if you're looking to keep your home Eco-friendly or buy an Eco-friendly gift for a little in your life, we have complied a list of awesome Eco-friendly toy brands for you to check out! Because as we all know - in order to stay sane, we've got to keep those kiddies entertained! Enjoy!

    Petite Collage Wood Bunny Stacker

      Petite Collage

      Petite Collage has toys, games and puzzles for babies and children. There are floor puzzles, wooden stackers, magnetic activities. Let their imaginations run wild with these absolutely adorable Eco-friendly toys!!

      Oli &Carol

      Wonderful for sensory play  and bath time! Handmade in 100% natural rubber and hand painted with natural pigments. Oli &Carol’s tots are Eco-friendly, biodegradable and safe!!! We just  love their bright colours and ultra cute designs!!


      Green Toys Dump TruckGreen Toys Pink Dump Truck

      Green Toys

      Made from 100% recycled plastic. Nice! Gotta love when you know that your recycling is actually being recycled! These toys are durable, waterproof and most of all so FUN!


      Kiss Naturals

      Super cute DIY sets that are ethically made in Canada. Looking for some super cute DIY activities to do with your kiddies? Kiss Naturals has you covered! An awesome Eco-friendly STEM activity! Want to check out these kits? Click here

      Pebble Organic Rattle


      Crochet fair trade and organic rattles and stuffies for you little QT pie. This company also has great social good incentives! Major bonus! Take a look at Pebble here!

      Estella NYC

      These ultra cute ethically made, GOTS organic cotton hand knit rattles and stuffies from Estella NYC are off the hook. If you're looking for a super sweet gift or just a little treat for your little, you can't go wrong with these ethically made, organic toys! Love Estella? See more here!


      Kiko+gg wooden toys are so great. The founders of this Japanese minimalist brand wanted to create wooden toys that were FUN to play with! The designs are awesome and unique. There is a traditional wooden toy inspired branch (Kiko+) and a more educational branch (GG) of the brand. Check them out, you won't be disappointed!


      These magnetic wood block sets from Tegu are just so cool! There are so many sets to choose from (big and small) and these will keep those kiddos entertained indoors on rainy days and on long drives!

      Crazy Crayons Eco Stars 20 pack
      Crazy Crayons

      If you're kids are into colouring, you've got to check out Crazy Crayons! These are so cool! This brand launched a national crayon recycling program, where you can send in your old broken crayons and they use them to create crazy crayons - made from 100% recycled crayons.. LOVE THIS! Buy Crazy Crayons here!

      Goose Grease - Wooden Peg People
      Goose Grease

      These little wooden peg people are so adorable. Seriously!? Who doesn't like the opportunity to teach their kids about amazing historical figures and change makers through play? You've got to check out this brand!

      Lovelane Designs Cape Set Lovelane Designs

       These handmade, dress-up costumes from Lovelane Designs are the CUTEST!!! We honestly can't even.. There are so many available and your kids will get hours of make believe fun out of them!!


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